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Reverse Auction

Kent County, MI uses a reverse auction for bidding on many items that the County purchases. Oakland County should review and potentially make the bids available to CVT'S.


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    Thank you very much for your suggestion. Oakland County Purchasing has considered the reverse trade philosophy in the past regarding our bidding process. We have reviewed this process weighing both the pro’s and con’s to this procurement approach. To maintain a competitive process, and at the same time allow the vendor community to supply us with both alternatives and value added items to a product or service, we have instituted a possible alternative. Our approach takes into consideration the selection of the most responsible proposal(s) submitted and offers us the option of a “Best and Final Offer” on goods and services The reverse trade concept is something that we need to reconsider with commodity type purchases where added value and alternates may not be a significant component of the evaluation process. Thanks again for your input and interest in Oakland County!

    Scott Guzzy, CPPO, MBA

    Chief of Purchasing

    3 years ago

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