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Reduce the number of county commissioners

Most cities and counties have 5 to 15 commissioners. We have 25. Wayne County has 15 with twice the population. It might be better to have a few full time commissioners then 25 part time, many with potential or existing conflict of intrest.


Submitted by 3 years ago

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  1. if your data is correct, then i agree. 25 seems like a lot of hot air, time and money.

    3 years ago
  2. Oakland County is very diverse, ranging from very urban to very rural. I like having county commissioners who are in touch with the communities they represent, and who understand the particular challenges they face. If the county commissioners' districts were made larger, we would no longer have accurate representation.

    3 years ago
  3. i see both sides, smaller is not always better, at least they are part time and pay seems fair.

    3 years ago
  4. Also, you would have to change the state constitution. For counties with pops. of 1million+ it is set at 25-35 so we are at the lowest number of commissioners allowed.

    3 years ago
  5. Many commissioners are out of touch anyway big or small.

    3 years ago
  6. Something is amiss.

    Wayne county is more populous than Oakland County, but has only 15 commissioners. Oakland County has 25.

    Oakland County has the minimum number of commissioners per state law.

    There is an error in one of these two statements.

    3 years ago
  7. Full time commissioners would be a very bad idea. The advantage to having part time legislators is that they are engaged in the community in multiple ways, rather than being closed in a government office. Our commissioners are engaged economically and socially in the districts they serve. I want a representative who faces the same challenges faced by me and my neighbors, not some professional politician who collects a government check.

    3 years ago
  8. If you believe your commissioner is out of touch, it is your responsibility to vote him or her out. My commissioner is Bob Hoffman of District 2, and he is very accessible, and very engaged with the community he serves.

    3 years ago
  9. Ed. Feel free to read up on County forms of Government.


    Chapter 45 are directed at County Government in general, and Chapter 46 is aimed at Commissioners themselves.

    Also, be sure to look for in your research the likelihood that Wayne County has special exemptions and/or charter status - and/or dispensation that is a direct result of the County/City of Detroit being formed prior to the State's Consitution which in turn grants certain exemptions and/or priviledges that other County's do not enjoy.

    I will agree with the post a couple above, that full time commissioners are a waste of resources and would simply be a stepping stone for yet another career politician - something this country already has way too many of.

    I will also agree that Oakland County is so very diverse that there needs to be representation for and of constituents from the elements that make up that diversity. All too often the South-Oakland County cities seem to think they are being short-changed and all too often the Northern and Western communitities feel they are being shortchanged as "donors" to projects/resources that from their perspective overwhelmingly target/benefit SE Oakland.

    3 years ago
  10. Community Member Idea Submitter

    Funny how this has actually happened (well it's being fought out in the courts), but for all the wrong reasons............(http://www.theoaklandpress.com/articles/2011/12/21/news/local_news/doc4ef1f9a77e7a2865179763.txt)

    2 years ago

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