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Promote Oakland County Web Services

Oakland County has some of the most comprehensive services offered online but a lot of citizens have no idea. We should be promoting the IT investment in place and marketing web development, service, and maintenance to CVT's and small OC businesses. Can we offer public service announcements, Facebook ads, or even develop a app to work with Google TV or mobile devices that assists users with online services in their area.


Submitted by 3 years ago

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  1. too many people, especially, the elderly, do not have access to the computer. This info should be put in the local observer.

    3 years ago
  2. When I think of my local Government, I don't think in terms of County Government.

    I go to the websites for my local Government, their Facebook page, their Chamber of Commerce page and newer social media sites like the current trend of ".patch.com" sites.

    Oakland County does indeed have a substantial investment in their IT infrastructure - and with it presumably comes a desire to standardize. Everything from presentation layers, to acceptable file formats to the use of a specified web-content-management/editing environment.

    This standardization is a good, and bad thing. (bad in that locals may rightfully demand a more nimble/free-form online presence and truly rapid deployment of same)

    3 years ago
  3. While I agree that the Oakland County website, as currently organized, may not be the best location for this informtion, it could certainly be a portal to other sites and local communities. Local government websites while helpful, are often vastly different on levels of services and information. You never know if you will be able to find information or not. Agenda, Meeting Minutes, upcoming meetings, events, etc. would all be helpful and probably save the municipality time and money if they were readily available instead of requiring clerical staff and copying charges to let everyone know. Perhaps at a minimun the County could provide guidance on best practices or simply links to those that work well so others do not have to recreate the wheel. Municipalities are all suffering and may have limited funds and resources to both investigate and maintain all of this in every single community. We also all use services from multiple communities so why not know all that is available? Yes, we will also have to make this available for the elderly and those that do not live on their computer like some of us do.

    3 years ago
  4. I promote Property Gateway all the time at work because it makes our jobs easier and I spread the word through the phone to our residents.

    1 year ago

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