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Outdoor Ice Skating Rink

There should be an outdoor rink that people can go to and skate whenever the weather its good for it. You could make a tennis court with a lip and then use it as a rink in the winter. I would like this around the Lake Orion Clarkston Area so my friends, neighbors, and family would be able to use it.


Submitted by 3 years ago

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  1. This is a local matter, not really a County matter.

    Many local municipalities have a dedicated public rink.

    e.g. Highland Township has an outdoor rink at one of their public parks at Duck Lake & Highland Road, complete with boards.

    Winter months it is used for ice hockey. Summer months used for roller hockey.

    3 years ago
  2. Moderator

    The outdoor rink is a great suggestion! We are looking for new ideas just like this to give our County departments a way to get feedback on public ideas. Whether it is feasible is something that will be considered by the departments that cover the specific areas discussed. If it is feasible, we will keep you posted on the progress. If not, we will provide an update to let you know why something may or may not be done. There are many factors that must be considered when creating new programs or facilities. Responses from County departments may not always be immediate here on this forum because our directors may need a chance to look into an idea before responding. But we assure you, that all ideas will be evaluated and responded to...thanks!

    3 years ago
  3. Emily M Idea Submitter

    Community Member:

    It could be in a county park

    3 years ago
  4. Emily M Idea Submitter

    Also: The county has a waterpark, why not a ice rink? Also this is much safer than skating on a lake. You do not need to worry wether or not the ice is thick enough. Safer skating for the kids; peace of mind for the parents

    3 years ago
  5. this is a great idea! I really hope it happens!

    3 years ago
  6. Thank you for the idea and all of the comments. my name is Phil and I work for Oakland County Parks. Your idea is great and we have had the same idea for a number of years and are currently working on a Master Plan for Waterford Oaks County Park that could make this a reality. We are looking at a number of different winter activities for the park and an ice rink is one of the ideas. We are looking into the feasibility of building a pavilion that could be used for large picnics in the summer and then flooded to make a covered ice rink in the winter.

    Thank you for your thoughts and ideas, we would love to hear more ideas from you for any of the County Parks. All comments will be passed on to our Supervisor of Planning - Jon Noyes.

    3 years ago
  7. To Phil Castonia:

    A covered ice rink? Boy can you spend the money. I was told this was going to be the "alternative" to repairing the Fridge, which many county residents used and missed. Yes, it was tough to be profitable as it was essentially dependent on weather, but this provided needed jobs, as well as a place where families enjoyed themselves. The ice rink results in about 2-3 jobs as there is no maintenance or huge infrastructure. By suggesting a covered facility, have you allowed for vandalism or maintenance? Maybe having an area you could flood (and picnic) would be the smarter approach. How about expanding the Waterford Oaks waterpark? The facility could use some additional space for picnic area and such.

    3 years ago
  8. In response, I am sorry if I was not clear. We are looking into the feasibility of a picnic pavilion that could be used in the cold months as an ice rink. The facility would not be specifically for a covered ice rink. This is being discussed as our Planning Staff is updating the Master Plan for all of Waterford Oaks, which will hopefully include some type activity similar to The Fridge. If you have further questions or would like to provide input to the Waterford Oaks Master Plan, please contact the Parks Planning Supervisor Jon Noyes at noyesj@oakgov.com. Thank you for your interest and keep the comments coming!

    3 years ago
  9. I cannot support county tax $ being spent for ice rinks when there are so many other options available for all county residents.

    We have lakes galore, many with public launch sites. Clear off an area near it in a couple of hours and you have an ice rink. Many subdivisions have community access, and most have ice rinks made by members.

    I know that many other residents make their own rinks in backyards. It's easily done with little or no expense.

    3 years ago
  10. Sorry again if I am not providing all of the information. We are not planning any type of refrigerated ice rink. This would be an area that could be flooded with water and as long as the weather cooperates it would be available for ice skating. The bonus would be that it would have a roof over it, because it would double as a picnic pavilion in the spring, summer and fall. This roof would help protect the ice from the elements that would cause it to melt quicker(sun, rain, etc). Again this is just a concept that has been discussed and would not be implemented without community input to the park Master Plan. Thank you all for your ideas comments.

    3 years ago
  11. I had heard discussion that the rink was under serious considerartion with the demise of the Fridge. This would give maximum usage and income for the minimal staff required to run the facility. The concern for a covered pavillion is maintenance, and vandalism, as well as cost of these types of structures. The location would be less user friendly for picnics, as there is limited or no other additional equipment (swings, etc. for children) in this area - except for the water park.

    3 years ago

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