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For reasons beyond by comprehension, I now have a "mayor" badge as the top community contributor. That can only mean not enough people are involved and I am sure someone in the County has more, and better, ideas than I have. So Oakland County people, how do we get more involved so that there are more ideas to work with?


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  1. I am on the egov team working on the Ideas Project. This is an excellent question we are working to address now.

    First note:

    Each of the Categories have prompts to help guide ideas if you open click on them.

    Increased participation is something we are investigating. I am currently working on moderation evaluation and brainstorming other ways we can help inspire new ideas. We are looking at other ways we can reach out and increase awareness of this initiative.

    Second Note:

    We plan to send out an email in the coming week highlighting some ways people can help spread word and increase participation.

    You can help increase participation by:

    -tweeting, like on Facebook or email ideas you submit or ones you like to others who may be interested

    -Share the Idea Project with others in Oakland County (email, phone, face to face)

    -Share the website address (oakgov.ideascale.com)

    -Like and Share the Oakland County Government Facebook fan page (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Oakland-County-Government/110840095598649) that has the Ideas Project app

    The largest way to become involved is in helping to spread the word and getting more people to participate.

    What other kind of information would be helpful in generating ideas?

    What other ways do you want to be involved?

    3 years ago
  2. Cory Johnston Idea Submitter

    First of all I am impressed that a representative of Oakland County is responding to this issue at 10:00 PM on Saturday night. Truly a dedicated worker. I must also note that I finally got ahead of you on the scoring (I don't feel I have to add both of your scores) and I had a lot less time to do it. I have already posted the Oakgov ideascale site to my Facebook page and have heard back from a few people, although I have not seen any posts on this site. I'm already at the County complex at least twice a month for one meeting or another and truly believe the County is and can be a great resource to get everyone working together, and I am not longer officially involved with any government. I keep posting ideas and hoping that someone will respond. I'll even admit that some are "bait" to illicit responses. Someone much younger than I will have to figure out what will make it go viral but it certainly should.

    3 years ago
  3. I am trying to think of ideas, but sometimes I am so overwhelmed by my own issues, I cannt see beyond my limited vision. I imagin that is the problem with most of us. I did submit one idea. I hoping hoping to have a few more, but I have to wait for the inspiration to come. I am glad this site is available, because I believe that citizens hold the key to a better community as well as a better government. Thank you,


    3 years ago


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