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It seems to me that wind turbines and solar power could provide some portion of the county's lighting needs.

The big problem here is the up-front costs and the payback would be much longer than 2 years.

The entrance to Detroit Metro Airport off Ecorse road has some smaller wind turbines I assume theypower lighting for that entrance, I don't know if that is a trial run or has been proven cost effective, but those could be put almost anywhere that is exposed to the wind.


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  1. How many hours of sunshine does SE Michigan endure in a given year? How many hours of sustained wind?

    The battery back-ups for these devices don't like Michigan's cold weather either. Aside from the high initial investment costs the technology is really fairly ill-suited for Michigan's climate.

    The majority of examples of installations that are in place are no doubt funded via Federal/State Grants.

    E.g. your tax dollars...

    3 years ago
  2. Totally worth looking into, I hate how people get so up tight about wind turbines.

    3 years ago
  3. @Jack Bauer as a Moderator I would like to remind you that this community is for comments about ideas and not the persons making the posts. Please exercise respect when referring to other participants in this community.

    3 years ago
  4. Ed Windeler Idea Submitter

    Granted, SE Michigan's sun and wind climate is not ideal for application of these 2 green sources of energy. That should not deter investigation into possible uses/applications of these alternative resources. It just means that going in, one must realize that the resulting applications of these sources will result in something less than 100% removal from the common power grid.

    Individuals living in the county are currently using solar power to supplement water heating for home use. I would suspect that wind turbines and solar cell panels are also in use somewhere in Oakland County.

    Please consider that I am not suggesting that these power sources can completely replace the existing providers, but only that they can used to make the county electric meters run slower.

    I'm not in a position to suggest all of the possible applications of wind and solar energy in the county. I saw turbines in use at Detroit Metro. That triggered this "idea".

    Since I don't know if Oakland County has looked into wind and solar power applications, I brought up the subject.

    It is not, as I understand it, the purpose of this "idea" forum is not so much to discuss the pros and cons but to stimulate the introduction of new ways of looking at problems, new ways of accomplishing goals, new ways of providing services to the residents of the county.

    3 years ago
  5. West Bloomfield Twp has fitted some solar/wind parking lot lighting at their offices. That would be a good starting point for finding out the effectiveness. Cambridge (Mass) has a dog park light powered by doggie dodo. Anything is possible.

    3 years ago
  6. West Bloomfield Twp has one, solar/wind light that was donated.

    It periodically lights an intersection on their civic center drive...

    3 years ago
  7. The wind turbines at the Detroit Metro Airport are essentially demonstration units although I hear they are planning on adding more. If nothing else, they do tell those arriving here that we are pursuing alternate sources of energy. They are also made in Michigan and were installed by a local contractor. While Michigan is not known for its sunny weather, solar heating is very viable and has a relatively low initial cost. Photovoltaic is another matter as it really only becomes cost effective if you significantly lower your electrical needs. As always, conservation is the most cost effective measure but that does not mean other measures are not viable.

    3 years ago

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